About Us


We’re Canada Jeno Biotech

Achieve your long-term health goals all in one place

Our Story

Turritopsis dohrnii, commonly known as the immortal jellyfish, is a symbol of Jeno’s products in supporting revitalizing diet and healthy living. Inspired by this species’ ability to rejuvenate, Jeno hopes to provide the most innovative solutions to support healthy aging and achieve long-term health benefits.

With a mix between traditional medicinal theories and modern technology, all of our products are manufactured in Canada, in collaboration with leading research and manufacturing companies.

Quality Ingredients

Leading and experienced manufacturers

Innovative Formulae

Collaboration with unique R&D approach for innovation

Affordable Prices

Tailored to be accessible to a diverse user base

Our Mission

It is not easy to always maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Our mission is to guide you in choosing the products that maintain the vital substances necessary for your body to function at its best. At Jeno, we strive to reach the most comprehensive range of products, from immune system boost to cellular-protective supplements. With this cohesive platform, we hope to tailor our products to your needs at each stage of your life.

Our Method

We understand seeing the effectiveness is as important to understanding the science behind our products. Therefore, we pride ourselves to be transparent about the benefits of the ingredients in our products. With integrity to top quality and innovative formulas, we make every effort to establish enduring relationships with our manufacturers, our researchers, and most importantly, our users. It is our hope to focus on actively engaging with customer feedback to gather meaningful insights on our products.

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